Following a list of different projects where I participated as a recording, mixing engineer, producer and/or musician. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want more information on a specific project.


Electronic/blues/hiphop from Utrecht – Producer/musician

Live in a Living room:


Garage jazz from Amsterdam – Mixing debut album ‘Kruidkoek’:

Yiannis Karygiannis Trio

Modern Jazz from Rotterdam – Recording and Mixing debut album ‘Retrospection’:

Namyuol Cho Quartet

Modern jazz – Assistant recording engineer (Chris Weeda):

Ruben Drenth Trio

Cinematic jazz from Utrecht – Recording and mixing live concert

Kalev Karlson

A jazz from Utrecht – Recording and mastering EP


Cinematic modern jazz from Rotterdam – Recording and mixing debut album ‘North of the World’:

Ad Colen

Contemporary jazz – Assistant recording engineer (Chris Weeda):

Robin De la Rue

Pop/soul from Brussels – Producer/musician :

Live on Belgian national television:


Cinematic Nujazz from Brussels – Musician/producer

Matthijs Braspenning Trio

Jazz from Leuven – Recording and mixing EP

Where the funk is Nathan

Funk soul from Ghent – Recording EP

Elle (Joannes Van Duffel Trio)

‘Late-night-whiskey jazz from Brussels – Recording and mixing EP: